The sensitivity analysis of this study shows the

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Unformatted text preview: most all the influencing factors equally affect the resulting bend lengths, according to equation (10). It could be noted also from this equation that the errors of cutting do not have impact on the bend leg produced at the gauging side. Since the factors influencing gauging accuracy are linearly combined in equation (4), they also produce the same impact on the total gauging error. 3. EXPERIMENTAL MEASUREMENT 3.1. Sample preparation and experimental setups Based on the analysis of the factors influencing the accuracy of the elementary bend dimensions, samples were prepared and experiments were designed with special setups to study the statistical characteristics of these factors. All samples used in this study were prepared by laser cutting from seven sheets of stainless steel 304 with dimensions of 2000×1000×2 mm in rolling, transverse and thickness direction, respectively. In order to minimise the fluctuations in material properties, the sheets were taken from the same coil that was cold rolled, annealed and skin-pas...
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