The tolerances of the part represented on figure 1

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Unformatted text preview: of an elementary gauge is a pointer towards the geometrical feature of the part: OnFeatureNo. According to the type of elementary gauge (ZoneGauge or SurfaceGauge), the values of its attributes (TolValue and FreeToTranslate or Behavior and Size) are found. The tolerances of the part represented on figure 1, are defined as follows: ToleranceNo1= { ZoneGauge(OnFeatureNo=1; TolValue=0.03; FreeToTranslate= FALSE) }; ToleranceNo2 = { SurfaceGauge(OnFeatureNo=1; Behaviour=PrimFit); ZoneGauge(OnFeatureNo=2; TolValue=0.03; FreeToTranslate= TRUE) }; ToleranceNo3 = { SurfaceGauge(OnFeatureNo=1; Behaviour=PrimFit); SurfaceGauge(OnFeatureNo=3; Behaviour=Border; Size=7.9) ; SurfaceGauge(OnFeatureNo=4; Behaviour=Border; Size=7.9) }; ToleranceNo4 = { SurfaceGauge(OnFeatureNo=1; Behaviour=PrimFit); SurfaceGauge(OnFeatureNo=3; Behaviour=SecondFit; Size= "Free") ; SurfaceGauge(OnFeatureNo=4; Behaviour=SecondFit; Size= "Free") }; ZoneGauge(OnFeatureNo=5; TolValue=0.2; FreeToTranslate= FALSE) } Figure 8; Illustration of the representation of the geometric tolerances...
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