The variation could be weld gun variation such as

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Unformatted text preview: a prescribed displacement or a force in the weld points depending on what type of weld gun to be used. The assembly is then released from the fixture and the springback is calculated by FEA. The simulation starts all over again with new variation. A minimum of 500 to 1000 iterations is necessary to receive a satisfactory distribution of the assembly variation [Liu and Hu, 1997]. This method is considered the most accurate, since each iteration is calculated with the actual geometry. Furthermore, it is relatively easy to implement contact modeling and other parameters such as weld and clamping sequence, weld gun type etc. Direct Monte Carlo is therefore used in the case study. 314 S. Dahlström, L. Lindkvist and R. Söderberg 3. CASE STUDY The dash board panel consists of 4 sheet metal parts that are spot welded together in two assembly stations (see figure 1). All welding is performed with a balanced gun. In the first station, part 3 is joined to part 2 and then to part 1 on contact surface 1. This subassembly is then released from the fixture and repositioned at the second station where it is joined...
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