The wheel rotates around axis a and the driver

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Unformatted text preview: in geometry, e.g., making the hub wider, will lead to significant improvements in the error of the final drilled hole. 6. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The authors would like to acknowledge the financial support of the SGER grant from DMII-National Science Foundation (NSF, Grant # 0236465). We would also like to thank Mr. Kumar Virwarni for his timely support, Dr. Springer for his advice and Mr. Ming Zhu for running the FEM analysis. 7. REFERENCES [Joshi et al, 2003] Joshi, N.; Malshe, A. P.; Bryan, A.; Camelio, J.; and Hu, S. J.; “Geometric Error Assessment of A Nanomechanical Drill”; American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Micro-Electromechanical Systems Division (MEMS); v5; pp. 271-276. [Khanna, R., 2003] Khanna, R.; “MEMS Fabrication Perspective from the MIT Microengine Project”; Surface and Coatings Technology; v163-164; pp 273-280 [Vettiger et al, 2003] Vettiger, P.; Binnig, G. ; “The Nanodrive Project”; Scientific American; v288; n1, pp 34-41 [Judy, J., 2001] Judy, J. W.; “Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS): Fabrication, Design and Applications”; Smart Materia...
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