Then the virtual gauge does not have any degree of

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Unformatted text preview: e bottom face of the part. Then the two cylindrical surface-gauges are fitted simultaneously inside the two small holes by increasing their diameters to a maximum. Then the virtual gauge does not have any degree of freedom with regard to the part. The zone-gauge must contain the axis of the large hole: Figure 5; Interpretation of a position tolerance with a datum system. Virtual Gauge Representation for Geometric Tolerances 3. PRESENTATION OF THE "FITTING GAUGE" MODEL 7 The gauges are theoretical constructions of elementary gauges (cylinder, plane, ...), each one being in relation to a geometric feature of the part. These elementary gauges are either the zone-gauges, or surface-gauges. Figure 6; Surface-gauge and Zone-gauge. The zone-gauges "materialize" the tolerance zones whereas surface-gauges "materialize", either the datums, or the virtual conditions. The topology of a gauge is directly related to the one of the part: a surface-gauge has the nominal shape of the face with which it is...
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