There are generally two different weld guns used for

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Unformatted text preview: es the waterproofness, its compression has to be controlled, the flush between the panel and the structure has also to be controlled. Eventually, the forces applied to the four fixation points should not exceed a given value. The study consists in simulating the behaviour of the assembly and in determining the values of the adjusting devices that permit to respect all the requirements. 4.2. Method The method is three steps method. First, the panel is assembled on a reference structure using an equally constrained positioning. The fixation is only effective on points P1, P2 and P3 and point P4 is free. This first positioning permits to measure a panel and to evaluate the actual form of the actual panel. The results of this step are obtained from measure and are presented on figure 9. The edges of the nominal panel are represented and the deviations between the nominal mesh and the mesh that represents the actual panel are obviously amplified. 308 G. Cid et al. P1 Y1 Z3 Z2 X2 P3 Y3 P2 Y2 Figure 9: Actual panel The second step of the method consists in simulating the assembly of the panel on the structure in order to determine the rel...
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