These surfaces a and b influence the orientation of

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Unformatted text preview: de in the next paragraph. Figure 1 ; Description of the component and interface concepts In consequence, a product is described as a set of components, interfaces and functions which are linked together. At the beginning of the design process, the minimal description of the product is represented by one component (the mechanism), one Influence of the Standard Components Integration 237 interface (the handle of the component) and one function (the main function of the mechanism) as follow: Figure 2 ; Product description at the beginning of the design process This schema represents that the mechanism is a technical solution of the function and the component owns interfaces to link it with the external medium. 2.1. Three main concepts The three objects presented in this paper are component, interface and function. These objects allow to represent both geometric and functional descriptions of the product. In this paper the semantic of these concepts is given with a tolerancing point of view. The geometric description of the product is represented using components and interfaces. A component describes the structural decomposition of the product. A component can be an assembly, a...
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