They are fixed with a given value if it is a border

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Unformatted text preview: ake four values: • Behavior = PrimFit, SecondFit, TertiaryFit, or Border If a surface-gauge has one or more intrinsic dimensions ("sizes"), those are free if the surface-gauge has a fitting behavior. They are fixed with a given value if it is a border. For example, the cylinder must have a variable diameter to be fitted and to be used as a datum on the part and a fixed diameter when it represents a virtual condition of a feature. So we define one or more attributes "size" for the surface-gauges: • Size= Positive value if the size is fixed or a negative value if the size is not fixed and if the surface-gauge is fitting. 8 E. Pairel, P. Hernandez and M. Giordano 3.2 Attributes of a zone-gauge The zone-gauge has only a role of border for the geometric feature of the part with which it is in relation. Its shape is determined by that of the geometric feature and by the value of the tolerance. It is thus sufficient to introduce an attribute giving the value of the tolerance: • TolValue = Positive value When the zone-gauge represents a zone of an orientation tolerance,...
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