They can not disregard the tolerances representation

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Unformatted text preview: e prescription, on the nominal (CAD) model, of the tolerances required to satisfy the assembly constraints and the functional requirements and a virtual inspection environment to automatically perform the GT inspection on the manufactured component. The main benefit of such approach will be the elimination of the physical inspection set-up and the speed-up of the inspection process. The proposed method is based on the integration of feature-based CAD models and 3D optical digitizing systems, and it is based on the “duality principle” proposed in [ISO/TS 17450-1]. In this context, one of the objectives of our research work is to identify appropriated technologies to acquire from the manufactured product all the data required to perform the control. Because of the required speed of acquisition, we have focused our attention on optical digitizing tools. The advantage of the use of optical systems, with particular reference to the ones based on the fringe projection technology, is the high acquisition speed. On the other hand, the main drawbacks of...
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