This default is simulated by an angle between axis

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Unformatted text preview: 2) × ∂λ , the surfaces unit normal vector. = ∂v ∂rf( 2) ∂rf( 2) × ∂v ∂λ Like normal vectors are unit length, the second vector equation of (6) leads 2 independent scalar equations. So, the numerical resolution of this equations system is difficult. To solve the system easier, it can be replaced by the system (7), with N the surface normal vector. The second equation expresses the colinearity between normal vectors. This system has 6 equations with 6 unknowns. 260 J. Bruyere et al. In some cases, the contact point can reach the boundary of one surface. The meshing goes on with the contact point stay on a surface boundary. In this case, the surface normal is not defined and the system (6) or (7) is not valid. It is necessary to replace the normal equation by another. Assume contact point is on line Lϕ(1) defined in S7: Lϕ7(1) (θ) = r7(1) (ϕ 0 , θ ) ; θ ∈ D ⊂ E(1), ϕ0 fixed (8) So, when the contact occurs on Lϕf(1), the tangent of Lϕf(1) at this point is perpendicular to Nf(2). Then, the new equation is:...
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