This defines a vectoral space for the sheaf of

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Unformatted text preview: provides a valid response, i.e. a certain value for the Ω matrix. The solution is unique if, and only if, the function to be minimised and the constraints are convex, otherwise a local minimum will be obtained which, in any case, is of interest to the designer. This valid response offers two possibilities: • The constraints Eq3 and Eq4 are accurately verified: this is the solution sought. The G final tensor is then recalculated using the basic Eq2 formula. Dependence and Independence of Variations • 31 One or several constraints are not verified; however, the designer is shown the G final object obtained by applying the basic Eq2 formula. This view will enable the designer to understand the modifications he needs to make to the specifications. 4. CASE STUDY To illustrate the approach proposed, the study of the perturbation of the geometric object presented in Figure 2, is examined. This object is composed of seven planes, called n1, n2 ,.. n7, and a cylinder called l1. Without losing its general nature, the study only covers angle specifications and, as a result, the generation of vectoral closure equations is not presented in the followin...
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