This example shows how to combine the variations of

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Unformatted text preview: y into hole G1 of the gear casing, and pocket E2 for mounting the ball bearing that supports the right end of the spindle. The position tolerance tE2 = 0.07mm keeps pocket E2 concentric with H2, and tolerance tCs controls the depth of the pocket relative to D2. The spindle (Fig. 4(d)) has cylindrical surfaces J and K that engage the needle and ball bearings, respectively. The coaxiality of surface K with Datum J is controlled by a position tolerance of tK = 0.038mm. Four parts are clamped together against the annular face Q on the spindle: the inner race of the ball bearing (size tolerance tw = tPa on the width of each race), the collar (size tolerance tPb), the saw blade, and the washer. Face Q is held perpendicular to the spindle axis J-K within the tolerance t″Q = 0.10mm. Overall the stack up frames are as listed in Fig. 4 (numbered 1 through 5), starting with the coordinate frame formed by axis plane pair E-F & M and ending with the coordinate frame formed by axis plane pair...
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