This model uses small displacement torsor sdt

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Unformatted text preview: le point is translation perpendicular to the closest box face by the distance to the face. In our example (Figure 7b), the closest face to uc,1 is the left side of the box, so u0 moves right along the horizontal axis. The closest face to uc,5 is the bottom of the box, so u0 moves up along the vertical axis. The system update is computed as follows. Initialize ∆u to zero. Sort the minimal updates by magnitude in decreasing order. Combine each update with ∆u. Let the current update change ui by di . If ∆ui is zero, set ∆ui to di . If ∆ui and di have the same sign, set ∆ui to sign(di) max{|di|, |∆ui |}. If they have opposite signs, the current update is incompatible with a previous update. It is replaced with an update perpendicular to the second closest parameter box face, and so on through the parameters. If no parameter works, the pi tolerance interval is shrunk minimally to exclude di . The initial sorting is a heuristic that reduces the magnitude of ∆u. For example, uc,1 and uc,2 have distance vectors (3, 2) an...
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