This optimal state often coincides with the minimum

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Unformatted text preview: .F.; "Allocation of Tolerances to Minimize Cost of Assembly"; In: Journal of Engineering for Industry; ASME, v95, pp. 762-764; 1973. [Weber et al.1999] Weber, C.; Britten, W; Thome, O.; "Conversion of geometrical tolerances into vectorial tolerance representations a major step towards computer aided tolerancing"; In: International Design Conference, Dubrovnik, May 1922;1998. [Wirtz 1998] Wirtz, A.;"Vectorial tolerancing"; In: International Conference on CAD/CAM and AMT; CIRP; Israël, Jérusalem; decembre11-14; 1998. [WEI 1997] WEI, C-C; "Allocation tolerances to minimize cost of nonconforming assembly"; In: Assembly Automation, n4, pp303-306; 1997. Complex Mechanical Structure Tolerancing by Means of Hyper-graphs M. Giordano, E. Pairel, P. Hernandez LMECA (Laboratoire de Mécanique Appliquée) Ecole Supérieure d’Ingénieurs d’Annecy, Université de Savoie, BP 806, 74016 Annecy cedex16, France Max. [email protected] ! " # # $ % &'() & * + , %- . -/ * 0 12 2 2/ 3 3 4 105 J.K....
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