This paper proposes to broaden the scope of such a

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Unformatted text preview: arts under all possible assembly instances. The envelopes provide a characterization of geometric uncertainty that is more accurate than those produced by Monte Carlo methods and is useful in assembly planning and mechanism design. Directions for future work include modeling mechanisms of interest to industry, extension to three-dimensional parts, starting with polyhedra, and optimal part placement with respect to objective functions [Li, 2001, Sodhi, 1994] instead of pre-determined contacts. REFERENCES [Cazals, 1997] Cazals, F. and Latombe, J.-C., Effect of tolerancing on the relative positions of parts in an assembly, IEEE Int. Conf. on Rob. and Automation, 1997. [Erdman, 1997] Erdman, A.G. and Sandor, G.N., Mechanism Design: Analysis and Synthesis, Volume 1. Third edition, PrenticeHall 1997. [Halperin et al., 2000] Halperin, D., Latombe, J.-C. and Wilson, R.H., A general framework for assembly planning: The motion space approach., Algorithmica, Vol. 26, pp 577-601, 2000. [Inui et al., 1996] Inui, M., Miura, M. and Kimura, F., Positioning...
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