This study shows both sensitivity and ga approaches

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Unformatted text preview: is the material machinability factor; β is feature complexity factor; f1 (Fi ) is the cost factor associated with type of the ith feature; V (Fi ) is the volume of material to be removed in order to produce the ith feature; b is a constant to be determined [Yang, 2005]. The cost factors for different feature types can be estimated according to previous manufacturing practice or existing cost data. Table V shows some cost factor examples. The feature complexity factor is introduced because the same type of features may result in different manufacturing cost due to different complexity. For example, a long, narrow hole is more costly compare with a short, broad hole even they have same volume of unwanted material and assigned IT grades. With this formulation, the manufacturing cost of any known single feature can be determined. Feature type Cost factor Feature type Cost factor Flat surface External thread 1 1.75 hole T slot 1 2 block slot Internal spline 1 2 chamfer Y slot 1 2.25 radial groove External spline 1.25 2.25 Keyway Internal thread 1.5 2.25 V s...
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