Thus it is not useful to model the topology of the

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Unformatted text preview: in relation. A zone-gauge has the shape generated by the displacement of a sphere - of diameter equal to the tolerance - on the geometric feature with which the zone-gauge is in relation. Thus it is not useful to model the topology of the gauge in the data structure: topology is given by the CAD model. It is sufficient to record the type of gauge and its attributes. 3.1 Attributes of a surface-gauge A surface-gauge can have two types of behavior with regard to the geometric feature of the part: either it seeks to be fitted to the geometric feature of the part, or it only acts as border for it. It seeks to be fitted when it is used as datum and it only acts as border when it represents the virtual condition of the feature. Levels of priority must be given to allow to define a chronological order for the fitting of the elementary gauges to the faces of the part. We will speak about primaryfitting, secondary-fitting and tertiary-fitting. We thus define a first attribute for the surface-gauge, which will be called "behavior", and which will be able to t...
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