Thus it is possible to compute their nominal

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Unformatted text preview: rtex, and rij is the number of parts in the path from Pi to Pj. Note that this result is a generalization of the result of [Cazals, 1997] for parts with two degrees of freedom, and since in their model the vertices are linear functions of the variation parameters, the approximation is in fact exact. 3. APPLICATIONS AND EXAMPLE The sensitivity matrix of a vertex in a toleranced assembly describes the effect of the parameter variations on the position of the vertex, relative to the chosen source part, or the datum. When used as input to the algorithm in [Ostrovsky-Berman, 2004], the resulting tolerance envelope bounds the area occupied by the part under all possible assembly variations. One very useful property of the sensitivity matrices is their additivity – it is possible to combine matrices of vertices with shared parameter dependency to obtain the correct combined sensitivity. Without respecting parameter dependencies, the stack-up analysis of feature tolerance zones is overly conservative, as P...
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