Thus the semantic representation of the tolerances

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Unformatted text preview: on the model of part (as shown in figures 2 to 4), which will enable the user to directly visualize the meaning of the geometric tolerances, or could be expressed in the form of tolerance frames on the technical drawings according to the standardized graphic languages (ISO or ANSI). Thus the semantic representation of the tolerances gives more possibilities of tolerancing to the user and releases him from the constraints of standardized writing rules. The tolerancing will be more functional and faster to realize. The representation by gauges allows to define geometric tolerances impossible to express by the today standardized syntax. For example it is impossible to specify a "selfparallelism" tolerance for the two plane faces (1) and (2) of the part (figure 7) with the standardized graphic language. However the gauge corresponding to this requirement could be defined. It will consist of two plane zones each being able to translate in reference to the other. In this case the algorithm for the writing of the gauges in the form of tolerance frames should propose various...
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