To identify what tolerances and processes to control

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Unformatted text preview: T Design feature Manufacturing feature Manufacturing DF MF MF MF MF Op Op Fixture Op Op Setup p Manufacturing Part feature M anufacturing Setup p-1 … Fixture Op Part p-1 Fixture MF MF MF MF Part p Fixture Op Figure 4: Manufacturing graph. Figure 5 shows the class diagram of Manufacturing Process. The class Manufacturing feature represents a set of features which is obtained by a Manufacturing Operation [Shah et al, 1995]. A Manufacturing operation is an association class between Manufacturing features because a manufacturing operation convert a manufacturing feature at state p-1 into manufacturing features at state p. The decomposition of the Manufacturing process into Manufacturing setups and into Manufacturing operations is modelized by aggregations between the classes Manufacturing Process, Manufacturing setup and Manufacturing operation [Halevi et al, 1995]. These Classes represent the manufacturing activities. These manufacturing activities need some resources. Manufacturing operation is related to a Tool [Feng et al, 2000]; Man...
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