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Unformatted text preview: ing criteria are adopted [Ballu et al, 1999]: “the choice of the datum must be realized according to the type of contact, …” The tolerance may be represented into the graph like a geometrical functional requirement (Figure 1) and it becomes a geometrical functional requirement at the lower level. 13 13 Floating contact b e b 11 F.R. 12 Floating contact b 11 cc d F.R. cc a 12 18 7 1+2 Floating contact Floating contact Fixed contact d e Floating contact hi 17 18 fg Fixed contact a 7 hi' hi fg 1+2 fg' Fixed contact hi' 17 fg' Fixed contact Figure 2: Example of Graphs. Figure 3 shows classes related to Design tolerances: Structural entity is a class that represents a generic structural element which can be specialized: a component like a product, a sub assembly, and a part; a geometrical feature like a functional set of surfaces, a surface, ... Structural entity represents an element of the structural product decomposition. Decomposition operation is 58 J.-Y. Dantan et al. represented in the class diagram using a reflexive aggregation [Dufaure et a...
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