To initialize a tolerance assignment plan the

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Unformatted text preview: l assembly requirements are met [Ngoi et al., 1998]. No existing technique has been found by the authors that generates process and locator tolerance requirements for production plan. A variety of techniques have been employed to allocate tolerance. Among them, integer programming for tolerance-cost optimization [Ostwald et al., 1977; Sunn et al., 1988], rule-based approach [Tang et al., 1988; Kaushal et al., 1992], feature-based approach [Kalajdzic et al., 1992], knowledge-based approach [Manivannan et al., 1989], and genetic algorithm [Ji et al., 2000; Shan et al., 2003], artificial intelligence [Lu et al., 1989] has been used to optimize tolerance allocation. In this paper, the process tolerance assignment is optimized with assist of genetic algorithm. 2.2. Manufacturing cost models One of the ultimate goals of an enterprise is to make profit. Hence, every company has been struggling to reduce cost, which can be done more effectively at the design and planning stage rather than manufacturing stage. It has been shown that about 70% of production cost is determined at the early design phase [Ouyang et al.,...
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