Tolerance analysis is totally based on the models

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Unformatted text preview: assical activities: tolerance Coherent and Complete Tolerancing Process 37 specification, tolerance analysis and tolerance synthesis. Tolerance verification is not included and it is for us a lack. Tolerance Verification defines inspection planning and metrological procedures for functional requirements, functional specifications and manufacturing specifications. It is very important to consider tolerance verification early in the design activities to be able to evaluate uncertainties [ISO/TS 17450-2, 2002], [Mathieu et al., 2003]. Tolerance verification allows to close the process loop, to check the product conformity and to verify assumptions made by the designer (Figure 1). Tolerance Verification Functional Analysis Tolerance Specification Process Analysis Tolerance Analysis / Synthesis Figure1 : Tolerancing process Tolerance Specification is the main activity in the tolerancing process. For each geometric requirement, tolerance specification specifies assemblies and parts involved with a functional view point. During the last...
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