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Unformatted text preview: Free space forms a single channel that wraps around the horizontal and vertical boundaries, since the configuration at ±π coincide. The defining equations of the chan- Tolerance Synthesis of Higher Kinematic Pairs 291 Figure 1; (a) Geneva pair; (b) configuration space. nel boundary curves express the coupling between the part orientations. The horizontal segments represent contacts between the locking arcs, which hold the wheel stationary. The diagonal segments represent contacts between the pin and the slots, which rotate the wheel. The contact sequences of the pair are the configuration space paths in free and contact space. In a typical sequence, the driver rotates clockwise (decreasing θ) and alternately drives the wheel counterclockwise with the pin (increasing ω ) and locks it with the arcs (contact ω ). We [Kyung and Sacks, 2003a] model kinematic variation by generalizing configuration space to parametric parts with tolerances. Kinematic variation occurs in contact space. As the parameters vary, the part shapes and motion axes vary, which causes the contact curves to vary. The unio...
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