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Unformatted text preview: A. "Rolling Bearing Analysis." John Wiley & Sons, Third Edition, 1991. [Fukuda et al.2003] K. Fukuda and J.-P. Petit. "Optimal tolerancing in mechanical design using polyhedral computation tools", 2003. 19th European Workshop of Computational Geometry, March 24-26, Bonn. [Hernot et al. 2000] Hernot X., Sartor G., Guillot J. "Calculation of the Stiffness Matrix of Angular Contact Ball Bearings by Using the Analytical Approach" Journal of Mechanical Design, ISSN 1050-0472, ASME 2000, Vol. 122, 83-90. [Houpert 1997] HOUPERT Luc "A uniform analytical approach for ball and roller bearings calculations". Journal of Tribology ; Vol n° 119 ; p 851-858 ; October1997. [Samper et al. 2001] Samper S., Giordano M., Perroto S. "Fiabilité et tolérancement d’un assemblage élastique" proceedings of the 4th Multidisciplinary International Conference Quality and Dependability, Qualita2001 May 22 & 23 2001 Annecy France 340 S. Samper, J.-P. Petit and M. Giord...
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