We ensure correct kinematic function by synthesizing

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Unformatted text preview: to changes in the magnitude of external forces. The cutting force (Fcutting) causes a vertical tip deflection Error Analysis of a NanoMechanical Drill 285 of -0.108μm. However, it has no influence on the horizontal deflection of the tip. The in plane gear forces causes a nominal in plane deviation of 0.075μm. Fr (μN) 4 4.4 Ft (μN) 2.5 2.75 Table III Sensitivity analysis for gear force. s Mz △ Uy U xs s (mm) ΔU x (μm) (μm) U xs 61.05 67.16 0 10% 0.075 0.083 0 10.1% -0.108 -0.108 s ΔU y s Uy 0 0.4% Since the tip’s deflection varies proportionally with the gear forces over a ±10% range, a linearized sensitivity analysis is used to determine the effect of the gear forces on the tip’s error [Liu et al., 1997]. From the sensitivity analysis, it is determined that there is negligible change in the vertical deflection of the tip due to gear forces. However, the gear forces do have an impact on the horizontal deflection of the tip. Therefore, the gear forces will also have a signific...
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