We first describe the relative position constraints

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Unformatted text preview: e nominal values and can vary along small tolerance intervals. The coordinates of the part vertices are standard elementary functions of a subset of the m parameters. An instance of the parameter values determines the geometry of the part. Figure 2(a) shows the tolerance specification of part P3. Positioning of Planar Parts in Toleranced Assemblies 67 Fig. 1. Example of a simplified seven part planar mechanism with all types of contacts between parts. Fig. 2. (a) Tolerance specification and (b) envelope of part P3. Vertices v1 to v12 are ordered clockwise. Parameters p1…,p12 have all nominal values equal to zero. In [Ostrovsky-Berman, 2004], we describe an algorithm for computing the outer and inner tolerance envelopes, which are boundaries of the union and the intersection of all possible parts, respectively. The algorithm inputs the partial derivatives of the vertices according to the m variational parameters, and computes the envelopes under the linear approximation of the model. For...
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