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Unformatted text preview: mparison at point a. Figure 8; 2D sections of zones. The inclusion of one polygon inside another is verified numerically from the vertices coordinates of the 2D section of the calculated zone and the inequalities defining the specified zone. Remark: one can note that the functional condition is not verified here in all the cases (vertices outside the specified zone). The vertices of the calculated zone represent Surfaces Seam Analysis 253 the extreme cases of possible displacements for the various control points. Let us note however that the calculated zone is very close to the specified zone. This result shows that the tolerancing is accurate and the designer tolerancing methods are good. 6. CONCLUSION The method of tolerance analysis of surfaces seam proposed in this paper allows the designer to visualize within its product designing tool (CAD software) the consequences of its tolerancing choices on the variations of the assembly geometry. Through this representation, all worst cases are considered. In the example treated here and in particular thanks to the representation given figure 7,...
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