We propose to represent their semantics ie their

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Unformatted text preview: oie.fr Abstract: The CAD software seeks to represent the syntax of the geometric tolerances, i.e. their writing on the drawings. We propose to represent their semantics, i.e. their meaning with respect to the part. We show that the meaning of the geometric tolerances can be defined thanks to a model of virtual gauges. These gauges concern geometrical entities of the part which are represented on the three-dimensional geometrical model of the part (CAD model). The topology of a gauge is related to that of the part. Recording these attributes is sufficient. The advantages of this representation are its simplicity, the semantic coherence which can be guaranteed, the independence from the standards, their limits and their evolutions, and the extension of the tolerancing possibilities for the designer. Key words: Tolerancing, Virtual gauge, CAD-CAM. 1. INTRODUCTION The subject of this paper is to present the bases of a data-processing representation of the geometric tolerances. The tolerances which are considered are those which are allowed by the ISO and ASME standards. Nevertheless, we will show that the suggested representation allo...
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