We reduce the number of candidates by culling vectors

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Unformatted text preview: e space where they are separate, and contact space where they touch. Free and blocked space are open sets whose common boundary is contact space. Contact space is a closed set comprised of subsets that represent contacts between part features. We illustrate these concepts for a Geneva pair comprised of a driver and a wheel (Figure 1). The driver consists of a driving pin and a locking arc segment mounted on a cylindrical base. The wheel consists of four locking arc segments and four slots. The wheel rotates around axis A and the driver rotates around axis B . Each driver rotation causes an intermittent wheel motion with four drive periods where the driver pin engages the wheel slots and with four dwell periods where the driver locking arc engages the wheel locking arcs. The configuration space coordinates are the part orientations θ and ω in radians. The pair is displayed in configuration (0, 0), which is marked with a dot. Blocked space is the gray region, contact space is the black curves, and free space is the channel between the curves....
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