We show how to compute the sensitivity matrices of

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Unformatted text preview: design: A geometric tolerancing point of view”. Proceedings of IDMME, Bath, UK. [Feng et al, 2000] FENG S., SONG E., 2000, “Information Modeling on Conceptual Process Planning Integrated with Conceptual Design”. Proceedings of the 5th Design For Manufacturing Conference in the ASME Design Engineering Technical Conferences, USA. [Halevi et al, 1995] HALEVI G., WEILL R.D., 1995, “Principles of Process Planning – A logical approach”. (Chapman & Hall, Inc.). [Johannesson et al, 2000] JOHANNESSON H., SODEBERG R., 2000, “Structure and Matrix for Tolerance Analysis from Configuration to Detail Design”, Research in Engineering Design, Vol. 12, pp. 112-125. [Marguet et al, 2001] MARGUET B., MATHIEU L., 2001, “Integrated design method to improve productibility based on product key characteristics and assembly sequences”, Annals of the CIRP, 50(1), pp. 85-91. [Roy et al, 2001] ROY U., PRAMANIK N., SUDARSAN R., SRIRAM R.D., LYONS K.W., 2001, “Function to form mapping: mode...
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