We then compute the left hand and right hand

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Unformatted text preview: y, we precompute and store the coefficients and their partial derivatives according to the variational parameters of parts A and B. There is no need to evaluate the partial derivatives of the coefficient functions, because they can be obtained from the original vertex nominal values and partial derivatives, which were given as input to the algorithm. 70 Y. Ostrovsky-Berman and L. Joskowicz Fig. 3. The assembly graph of the example in Fig. 1. The distances between part features that are connected by an edge are zero. Parts C1, C3 and C2, C4 of rigid bodies X and Y, respectively, contain features constraining the relative position constraints of the two bodies. In step 3, we solve the system of abstract equations constructed in step 2 by substituting the coefficients into general solution templates that we derived for the following three types of systems: 1. three linear equations; 2. two linear equations plus one quadratic equation; 3. two quadratic equations plus one linear equation. The...
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