Weckenmann s beetz and j lorz monitor fields

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Unformatted text preview: e basis for the decision, if the CMM is capable to measure the workpieces to be inspected. For an interim check reduced performance verification may be applied to demonstrate the capability that the CMM conforms to specified requirements. The extent of the verification as described for the acceptance test and re-verification tests [ISO 10360-2, 2001] may be reduced by: number of measurements, location and orientation being performed. Also the specifications to be checked can be defined by the operator. The aim of the interim check is to prove if the measurement instrument has not changed its characteristics and thus its influences on the measurement uncertainty. Since all other components of the extended uncertainty Uy are influenced by other factors then the CMM, only the deviations b between calibrated value and measurement results have to be checked. These deviations have to be smaller than the extended measurement uncertainty Uy, which is determined during verification or re-verification tests. If the feature specif...
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