When the pin leaves the slot a torsional spring

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Unformatted text preview: 294 M.-H. Kyung and E. Sacks p+ n p0 p− Figure 5; Contact zone computation: nominal point p0 generates contact zone boundary points p1 and p2 . equation for every combination of features and motions, such as rotating circle/translating line. For example, the driver/wheel locking arc equation is (B + Rθ m − A − Rω n)2 = (r − s)2 where B, A are the centers of rotation, m, n are the arc centers in part coordinates, Rθ , Rω are rotation operators, and r, s are the arc radii. The equation states that the distance between the arc centers equals the difference of their radii. The kinematic variation at a nominal contact configuration, p0 , occurs along the normal vector, n, to the contact space (Figure 5). It has the form p0 + k n with k a function of p. The p values that maximize/minimize k yield points on the upper/lower boundaries of the contact zone. They are computed by solving a nonstandard optimization problem with a custom algorithm. Parameter value sets are computed by discretizing the nominal curve, C (p, u0 ), to an input accuracy (10−5 in the paper) and applying the algorithm to the resulting points. Step 2 We construct a parameter vector for each pa...
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