While an incorrect width of the v die only causes a

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Unformatted text preview: sensitivity analysis of the influencing factors was provided, with focus on material properties [Streppel et al., 1993]. FEM analysis was used for both machine and material factors influencing the dimensional accuracy [Singh et al., 2004]. However, the stochastic nature of the process is typically not included due to the fast increase in the complexity of the model. Despite a large number of studies related to tolerance aspects, a quantitative analysis on statistical characteristics of the influencing factors and their impacts on the dimensional accuracy of parts produced are not yet available. This fact hinders successful applications of the methods mentioned above on computer-aided tolerancing for sheet metal bending. In this paper, tolerance verification for sheet metal bending is addressed by providing a complete method to investigate the actual sources of errors in sheet metal bending and the resulting dimensional errors. Firstly, the crucial factors influencing the dimensional accuracy of the product are analysed. Analytical formulas are d...
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