Xxiii pp 235 240 sellem and rivire 1998 sellem e and

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Unformatted text preview: is therefore needed in order refine the simulation model. 3) The welding of the assembly is divided into sequence. Each contact surface is welded in sequence. Within the contact surfaces the welding is performed simultaneously. Rmean improved to 0.23. 4) Surface 3 on part 2 was crumpled in the previous steps after applying part variation, see figure 2. Applying a displacement to the inspection points parallel to the part surface such as center position of holes, embossing and re-enforcements etc. and calculate new part geometry with FEA may cause the surface to crumple. These types of variation are probably caused during the stamping process of the holes. These inspection points are instead applied as a translation without any deformation. The crumpling will also have an impact on the magnitude of the weld force and consequently on the springback deflection. The result shows an improvement of both the Rmean and R6 . Practical Implications in Tolerance Analysis 317 Figure 2: Crumpling of the contact surface3 Figure 3: Penetration in the corners of contact surf...
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