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Unformatted text preview: the nominal model. The components determined according to invariance degrees of the surface class are noted O R X , O R Y , O R Z for the rotations and O T X , O T Y , O T Z for the translations. Components corresponding to actual rotation deviations are noted α M , β M , γ M and u M , v M , w M for translation deviations. Figure 2: Deviation torsor Each actual component of the mechanism is represented thanks to its nominal model and thanks to the components of the deviation torsors that represents effective deviations. The components corresponding to invariance degrees are chosen null for our application. 2.2. Actual geometry of a component Due to process uncertainties, actual form deviations exist between nominal and actual component geometry. Manufactured component is measured to determine its actual form deviations thus, we have to work on discrete geometry, where studied points correspond to measured ones. Measured actual deviations are expressed in a specific frame, associated with the measured process noted Rm. Seeing registration of components, we cut out this frame in order to obtain a null actual geo...
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