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Unformatted text preview: unt elastic component behaviour. Elastic Clearance Domain and Use Rate Concept Applications 6. CONCLUSION 339 The clearance domain provides the set of possible displacements of a specified joint. The Use Rate concept (UR) allows us to redefine the limits of the surfaces displacements. As for joint components, this concept has been translated into a parameterized clearance domain (with 0≤UR≤1). Then this domain can be used in a tolerancing analysis software with UR as input for each component. Another way is to output UR from the analysis of an assembly. Assembly forces are depending on tolerancing, they must remain in the UR forces domain that can be computed in the same way than the clearance domain. In order to use those results we show how parameterized domains give zones on joints. The designer can then use a tolerancing process method in order to take into account elastic behaviour of components. REFERENCES [Giordano et al. 1992] M. Giordano, D. Duret., S. Tichadou, «Clearance space in volumic dimensioning», Annals of the CIRP, vol. 40 (1), 1992 [Petit et al., 2004] J-Ph. Petit, S. Samper. “Tolerancing analysis and functional requirement”, In: Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Integrating Design and Manufacturing in Mechanical Engineering, paper n°205 Bath(UK), April 5-7 2004. [Harris 1991] HARRIS Tedric...
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