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Unformatted text preview: Adjustment of the contact pressure In local coordinates its equations are the following: ⎧X = (R − r. cos θ ). cos ϕ ⎪ ⎨ Y = (R − r. cos θ ). sin ϕ (1) ⎪ Z = r. sin θ ⎩ 2 ⎞ 1⎛L r = .⎜ + C⎟ ⎟ (2) 2 ⎜ 4.C ⎝ ⎠ D1 R =r− − C (3) 2 r Z Curvature: C r R θ ϕ X D1=ø10 R Y L=15 Figure 8; Description of the cam roller design by a torus. The nominal value for the curvature of the cam roller has been specified to 5 μm. The two radii R and r of the torus are then easily deduced from equations 2 and 3. Their values are respectively 5625 and 5630 mm. 4.2. Simulation of local geometrical defects Now, the nominal parameters of the torus are completely defined in a local coordinate system (coordinates of the center of its axis (0,0,0), cosines of its direction vector (0,0,1), radii R and r). The real part is however not perfect. In order to reproduce the geometrical defects found in a measurement of the roller, a Monte Carlo simulation method was used to build a set of 120 acquisition points, evenl...
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