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Unformatted text preview: obability of success, i.e. the probability that the actual position of the holes pattern due to fixturing error is inside the tolerance zone centred around the nominal position of each hole, is maximum. Therefore, the problem consists in finding the values of the x 2 , x 3 and y1 coordinates that guarantee equation (7) achieves the maximum value. Additional contraints to the optimization problem are linked to the coordinates of the locator that should be positive and smaller than the length of the plate sides. The optimal part locators positioning may be mathematically represented as: n ∏ ∫∫ f c' i ⋅ dx' ⋅dy' x 2 ,x 3 , y1 i =1 tz i max subject to: 0 ≤ x 2 < x 3 ≤ x max 0 ≤ y1 ≤ y max (9) (10) (8) where x max and y max represent the length of the plate sides. Conditions (9) and (10) refer to the constraint due to the length of the plate sides to locators’ positions. Condition (9) simplifies the mathematical problem by considering only one of the two symmetric pos...
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