Fr abstract to analyze the influence of geometrical

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Unformatted text preview: the following way: (3) [R03] = [R01] ⊕ [R12] ⊕ [R23] The relative position of part (3) compared to part (0) is thus modelled by a composition of the contact surfaces deviation ensuring the assembly. The studied functional requirement relates to the seam line between the headlight (part (3)) and the fender (part (0)). The analysis of tolerance thus passes by the definition of the whole of the positions of one of these two parts regarding the other. This definition is given by the resulting deviation domain [R03], the analysis thus passes by the calculation of this field in space 6D of small displacements. The domain [R03] models the whole of the positions of the headlight compared to the fender expressed at the point O according to the deviations of contacts surfaces forming the chain between these two parts. The functional specification fixed by the customer enabled us to calculate the tolerance zones of the control points of the headlight (a, b, c and d) when the fender is the datum. Each vertex of the V-representation characterizing the domain [...
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