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Unformatted text preview: s are related to manufacturing costs via tolerance-cost relations for common processes. Chase [Chase et al. 1995] implements a Direct Linearization Method (DLM) that relates to the tolerance analysis The linearization has to do with a simplification in the way the functional relationships between the deviations of a part’s features and the deviations of some assembly’s points of interests are expressed. The resulting linear equations are simulated by: ∆U i = ∑ Si j tol j ≤ Tasm j =1 n (1) Where: tolj; Tasm Sij ∆Ui : : : : Is the tolerance of the jth manufactured dimension; Is the design specification for the ith assembly variable; Is the tolerance sensitivity matrix of the assembly: Is the sum of the participating tolerances; i,j,n are the assembly variables Re-Design of Mechanical Assemblies for Tolerance Analysis 97 Tolerance synthesis problems have attracted attention for many years. Instead of using traditional methods, recently researchers have developed tolerance synthesis approaches for optimal tolerance design. Tolerance synt...
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