Pfs the in depth stress profiles of the parts depend

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Unformatted text preview: 992 [Kaushal et al., 1992] Kaushal, P.; Raman, S.; Pulat, P. S.; "Computer-aided tolerance assignment procedure (CATAP) for design deminsioning"; In: The International Journal of Production Research, pp. 599-610; 1992 [Lu et al., 1989] Lu, S. C.-Y.; Wilhelm, R. G.; "Automating tolerance synthesis: a framework and tools"; In: Journal of Manufacturing Systems, pp. 279-296; 1989 [Manivannan et al., 1989] Manivannan, S.; Lehtihet, A.; Egbelu, P. J., "A knowledge based system for the specification of manufacturing tolerances"; In: Journal of Manufacturing Systems, pp. 153-160; 1989 [Mayer et al., 2001] Mayer, M.; Nusswald, M.; "Improving manufacturing costs and lead times with quality-oriented operating curves"; In: Journal of Materials Processing Technology, pp. 83-89; 2001 [Ngoi et al., 1998] Ngoi, B. K. A.; Ong, C.T.; "Product and process dimensioning and tolerancing techniques. A state-of-the-art review"; In: The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, pp. 910-917; 1998 [Ostwald et al., 1977] Ostwald, P....
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