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Unformatted text preview: that is less distant than the magnitude of uncertainty from the specification limits, no reliable information can be obtained, whether the “true value” is inside or outside the specification limits. A reliable statement can only be given, if the indicated value is located inside the conformance zone or in the non-conformance zone (figure 1). out of specification upper specification limit USL specification zone characteristic value characteristic value U U U allowed indication range and additionally decreased machining range U U U uncertainty zone nonconformance zone increasing measurement uncertainty U conformance zone nonconformance zone uncertainty zone within specification lower specification limit LSL out of specification Figure 1; Consequences of uncertainty on the assessment of measurement results 128 A. Weckenmann, S. Beetz and J. Lorz In addition to the evaluation of measurement results, it is crucial that the uncertainty is always the drawback of the party responsible for the evidence. A supplier, who wants to...
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