Sculpt the final object since he has independent ways

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Unformatted text preview: only G final manifold that can be visualised in 3D Figure 1; Parametric representation of the 2-dimension, rank 1 G final manifold Any point on this manifold represents a valid object. 3.3. Fundamental property The theorem for the product of determinants immediately shows that if the rank of Ginit is 3, then G final is also rank 3, even if rank r of Ω is 3 < r < n . In other words, the Eq2 formula always gives a valid object for the 3D space, irrespective of the real Ω perturbation. With this tensor equation, we are faced with the usual 2 problems, as follows: one, called the "direct problem" which, since Ω and Ginit are known, consists of calculating G final , the other, called the "reverse problem", which since G final is Dependence and Independence of Variations 29 partially known, consists of determining Ω , followed by the complete G final , and then returning to the direct problem. 3.4. Direct problem ur For example, let us consider the perturbation of the vector ei : uuu r ur uu r ur uu r uu r 1 2 3 4 n ∆ei...
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