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Sociology Unit 2 Sample Exam Directions: Write the answer neatly in the space provided! Answer the last question! ____ 1. The Amish shown in the class film this unit engaged in what our society would label as: (A) drug abuse (B) child abuse (C) both (D) neither ____ 2. The word experiment can be used interchangeably with the word research as they basically mean the same thing. (A) true (B) false ____ 3. The unrecognized and unintended consequences of any social pattern are called latent functions. (A) true (B) false ____ 4. What is the dependent variable in the hypothesis that states “helping behavior declines as population density increases.” (A) declining (B) level of helping behavior (C) high population density (D population density ____ 5. If two variables have a causal relationship they must be correlated. (A) true (B) false ____ 6. Which is, in part, defined as being a social group? (A) culture (B) society (C) both (D) neither ____ 7. Humans have: (A) instincts (B) reflexes (C) drives (D) all three (E) just B and C ____ 8. Whether a specific act is deviant can depend on: (A) the social status of the actor (B) the social context of the act (C) the historical period of occurrence (D) A & B ____ 9. The study of the Saints and the Roughnecks used which method? (A) experiment (B) survey (C) ethnomethodology (D) field study (E) existing data ____ 10. Which group of boys engaged in what is called “primary deviance”? (A) Saints (B) Roughnecks (C) both (D) neither ____ 11. Socialization: (A) can be an important part of internal social control (B) can instill deviant attitudes and practices (C) can do A and/or B ____ 12. All social change is the result of deviance. (A) true (B) false ____ 13. In Merton’s theory, the embezzler would fit into which pattern? (A) retreatist (B) innovator (C) rebellionist (D) conformist (E) ritualist ____ 14. Control theory assumes that people behave because they fear punishment from society. (A) true (B) false ____ 15. Violent juvenile crime reached its lowest level in a decade in 2001. (A) true (B) false ____ 16. The use of the death penalty is most highly favored by which category of Americans? (A) Whites (B) African Americans (C) Other Nonwhites (D) all three are similar ____ 17. Few serious crimes are committed by people whose psychological profiles are normal. (A) true (B) false ____ 18. . Atavism is a concept linked to which level of causation? (A) biological (B) psychological (C) social (D) economic ____ 19. The F.B.I. “Crime Index” (Part 1 of UCR) primarily measures: (A) street crime (B) white collar crime (C) organized crime (D) an equal mix of A and C ____ 20. The Crime Index measured: (A) crimes committed (B) crimes reported (C) crimes solved by conviction (D) A, B and C
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____ 21. Which type of theorist would favor increasing the punishment for a type of crime if it is being violated too frequently? (A) classical (B) positivist (C) both ____ 22. Socialization: (A) starts at birth (B) starts with the development of language (C) starts
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Exam 2 PRACTICE EXAM - Sociology Unit 2 Sample Exam...

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