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Hough Lecture Outline - Echinoderms 1 DEUTEROSTOME BRANCH of the Coelomates Deuterostomes (review of embryology) mouth second opening radial early cleavage indeterminate development (later fixation of cell fates) enterocoelous – coelom forms from invagination of early mesoderm with cell migrations INTERMEDIATE PHYLA: Invertebrate coelomate phyla with partial but incomplete expression of deuterostome characteristics: some with radial cleavage, some with mouth as 2 nd opening, some enterocoelous, but none with all three characters The “Lobophorate” Group lobophore – a U-shaped ridge around the mouth with ciliated tentacles Phylum PHORONIDA – phoronids (all marine) tube-dwellers similar to some polycheate worms Phylum ECTOPROCTA – bryozoans (marine and freshwater) colonial units resembling bryophyte plants Phylum BRACHIOPODA – brachiopods (all marine) resemble bivalve mollusks
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Hough Lecture Outline - Echinoderms 2 FULLY DEUTEROSTOME PHYLA:
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RAH_20Lec_208_20__20_20Echinoderms - Hough Lecture Outline...

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