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RAH_20Lec_207_20__20Arthropoda - Hough Lecture Outline...

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Hough Lecture Outline - Arthropods 1 PHYLUM ARTHROPODA jointed leg animals with chitinous exoskeleton spiders, crabs, insects, etc. General characteristics most numerous and diverse of all animals; over 1.5 million species, found in nearly all possible habitats (water & land) worldwide hard exoskeleton of chitin, provides Ø protection – mechanical, and water loss (in terrestrial sp) Ø hard surface for muscle attachment (inner surfaces); leverage Ø must be shed to grow: ecdysis (molting); hormonal control Ø heavy weight causes size limitation jointed paired appendages Ø needed with hard exoskeleton Ø provides very advanced locomotion Ø many specialized shapes & functions: locomotion, grasping, respiration, reproduction, noise making, etc. tagmatization - regional fusion of body segments occurs during development in most species, producing three body sections (tagmata): head, thorax, abdomen head & thorax are fused in some as cephalothorax
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Hough Lecture Outline - Arthropods 2 Arthropod organ systems: digestive – similar to annelids, with additional gastric ceca glands circulatory – open system in most: dorsal heart vessel & coelom (“hemocoel”) nervous – complex with substantial regional control Ø brain – fused dorsal ganglia Ø ventral nerve cord – double chain of ganglia, which control many actions independent of brain Ø simple eyes ocelli : light vs. dark Ø
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RAH_20Lec_207_20__20Arthropoda - Hough Lecture Outline...

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