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Hough Lecture Outline – Coelomates: Mollusca 1 COELOMATES animals with a true coelom: a fully mesoderm-lined body cavity, including a mesoderm layer around the gut tube Evolutionary advantages: Proliferation of mesoderm tissue provided for development of circulatory, muscular and other mesodermal tissues in more locations, especially in the following: circulatory system with vessels and pumps advanced digestive system with muscular control of food movement and absorption directly into circulatory system membranes for linings, attachments, and support of organs Phylogenic lineages: all higher invertebrates and chordates (including vertebrates) basic branches: protostomes – mollusks, annelids, arthropods spiral early cleavage; determinate development mouth first opening schizocoelous – coelom forms from separation within early mesoderm deuterostomes – echinoderms, chordates radial early cleavage; indeterminate development mouth second opening enterocoelous – coelom forms from invagination of early mesoderm with cell migrations
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RAH_20Lec_205_20__20Coelomates_3AMoll - Hough Lecture...

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