In the second part of the movie from 11 seconds the

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Unformatted text preview: nds), the nuclei are already positioned near the cortex. After nuclear breakdown two CABs are visible as a smooth moustache-shaped zone. One spindle pole in each cell approaches the CAB and unequal cleavage ensues. DIC time lapse microscopy. Frames were collected every 10 seconds and are displayed at a rate of 30 per second. Patalano et al. (2006) J.Cell Science, 119, 1592-1603. Sea squirt larva development Movie 6. Time-lapse confocal sequence of a Phallusia embryo undergoing unequal cleavages in the posterior pole from the 8 to the 32 cell stages. ER is labeled with DiIC16(3) (red) and mitochondria with DiOC2(3) (green). Arrow shows the cER-rich CAB. Images were acquired every 2 minutes. Polarity of the ascidian egg cortex and relocalization of cER and mRNAs in the early embryo J Cell Sci Prodon et al. 118: 2393...
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